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Slim plus Powder Tea- fastest working weight lose product

Published Date: 2015-06-18 22:35:28

Get rid of regular green tea and upgrade yourself to Slim Plus Powder. This is the fastest working weight lose product that has several health benefits. Backed up by natural extracts from rare Himalayan herbs that has rich anti –oxidant and medicinal properties, this is the must take anti-obesity natural product.
After conducting an extensive research, Scientists from Birmingham University have come to conclusion that the oxidation of fat in people drinking green tea is 17 percent more than in people drinking normal tea.   
Slim Plus Tea reduces the level of Low Density Lipoproteins in blood and thus minimizes the chance of heart disease while it increases the High- Density Lipoproteins which is a good cholesterol that helps in keeping Low Density Lipoproteins in control. The company claims that you can lose up to 6kg of weight in just 4weeks by using Slim Plus Powder Tea. This tea produces hydroxicitric acid which breaks the fat molecule into pieces.   
Guarana is the major ingredient in Slim Plus which has been proven by Obesity Research Center, New York in 2001 as an important factor for fat and weight loss. Slim Plus has also been found to reduce the waist and hip line. This tea nourishes body with fats and minerals and triggers rapid metabolism of the body.    
This product is also effective against indigestion. It supplies the user with energy and ensures the better circulation of blood throughout the body.
There is a 100% natural product and it has no side effect. So, Slim Plus has got positive customer reviews. Slim Plus Powder tea is now available in Nepal.