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Sandhi Sudha oil product review

Published Date: 2015-06-08 11:02:36

Sandhi Sudha Plus oil is the best working pain relief oil in Nepal.
With the addition of rare and natural active ingredients like Akarkara, Nirgundi and Gwarpatha, the original Sandhi Sudha is now known as Sandhi Sudha plus. It provides fast and much effective result for pain relief. Not only does it reduce the pain faster, it also helps in rapid healing of body. Jyoti Smriti, Asaliya and Salakha has increased the analgesic properties of oil. It helps in secretion of more synovial fluid in less time and thus provide instant relief from pain in joints.
Sandhi Sudha Plus comes in a new larger size- a package consisting of 3 bottles which contains total of 525ml of oil.
Composition and Ingredients
Available in 200ml bottle, the oil contains Amritdhara Q.S., Arand oil Q.S, 4gms of Ajwain, 4gms of Arand root, 4gms of Nirgungi, 5gm of Rasna, 2gms of Hardi, 8gms of makarkara, 12 gm of Ashwagandha, 4gm of Gwarpatha and 2gm of Pan.
Sandhi Sudha Plus can be used in children as well as adults, there is no any age restriction. There are joints in every body and being a natural extract, this oil has no side effect.
Sandhi Sudha Plus has been found effective in providing instant relief from knee pain, shoulder pain, elbow pain, back pain, wrist pain, muscle stiffness, ankle pain, neck pain, cervical spondylitis and arthritic pain. It penetrates the skin and reach to the joints fast and thus provides instant relief by maintaining the level of synovial fluid in joints and thus preventing dryness in joints. It can also be used by anyone who has endured injury or is dealing with bad posture problem or suffering from obesity. It is also highly effective against frozen and severely damaged joints.