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Ecigarette review

Published Date: 2015-06-10 20:22:51

Electronic Cigarette is the best alternative to quit smoking. Nicotine free e-cigarettes are also available in the market.
Research conducted by independent agencies have shown that more than 75% of e-cigarette users halved the number of traditional cigarettes they use.
Professor Peter Hajek, Professor of Clinical Psychology in Queen Mary University of London who conducted extensive research on safety and effects of Electronic Cigarette said to the critics who pointed that e-cigarettes might contain some toxins that we should not forget the effect of traditional cigarettes while looking for effects of e-cigarettes. He further added that the opposition from few health doctors was due to this cigarette being a new technology that they cannot understand and he further accused some of the doctors who gave negative reviews for ecigarette that the doctors are getting incentives from tobacco manufacturers. These products are helping
Dr John Middleton, vice president for Policy at the Faculty of Public Health in UK has also admitted that e-cigarettes help smokers who want to quit.
With the increase in time, the design of e-cigarettes have been evolved a lot so that it has become easy to use these products.
Most of ecigarettes that are available in market these days come with exchangeable and detachable clear cartomizer which is also known as clearomizer. Now, anyone can easily check the cartomizer and replace it. They can wash the coil and adjust it. People can easily fill the e-liquid by taking off the cartomizer inhaler tip, pouring the liquid and putting the inhaler tip back. E-cigarette companies have also advanced the storage capacity of cartomizer, some can hold up to 2.4 ml of liquid in a single time. The design is sleek giving it a fancy looks. It comes with transparent clearomizer and longer wicks. Longer wicks makes sure of the consistent flow of liquid to coil.
There is no problem of burning or leaking of the e-cigarette. The large capacity batteries ensure that the product runs for good 6 to 8 hours with fully charged battery.